Far East HTrust Financial Results Ending 31 Mar 2017

“Market demand was exceptionally weak at the start of the year. Softness in the corporate segment impacted our performance as macroeconomic concerns weighed on business travel, especially at our serviced residences, which predominantly serve corporations.

To stay competitive, we will continue to refresh our properties and seek new avenues for growth. At the same time, we will also maintain a proactive approach in capital management, ensuring a strong debt position and financial flexibility to grow the Trust.”

Mr Gerald Lee, Chief Executive Officer

0.93 cents SGD (1Q 2017)

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IREIT Global Financial Results Ending 31 Mar 2017

“The underlying strength of Europe’s economy and real estate market bodes well for our existing portfolio. This stability will provide a good foundation to grow IREIT’s long term stable income as well as our asset base in the office, retail and industrial (including logistics) sectors.

Sustained economic growth in Europe, decreasing vacancy rates and attractive yield spreads will back our efforts to expand, particularly in Germany, France and Italy. We are presently looking into a number of opportunities and plan to diversify by asset class, country (within Europe), tenant and lease expiry. A broader and larger portfolio will enhance IREIT’s long term recurring income and earnings visibility. ”

Mr Aymeric Thibord, Chief Executive Officer

1.44 cents SGD (1Q 2017)

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Ascendas-hTrust Financial Results Ending 31 Mar 2017

“We are heartened by the performance of the portfolio in FY2016/17, and will continue to seek out opportunities to improve the portfolio. In the coming financial year, all the rooms in Hotel Sunroute Ariake will be refurbished to refresh the product offering, while some of the rooms in Pullman Hyde Park will also be renovated as the hotel seeks to capture higher yielding segments. The renovation of Mercure rooms in Pullman and Mercure Brisbane King George Square, which is currently ongoing, is expected to be completed by end of 2017.

Moving into FY2017/18, we will build on this years’ performance as we remain committed to deliver long term sustainable return to the stapled securityholders.”

Mr Tan Juay Hiang, Chief Executive Officer

1.37 cents SGD (4Q 2016/17)

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EC World Reit Financial Results Ending 31 Mar 2017

“We are pleased that ECW reported another quarter of strong results and exceeded our forecasts. This is a testament to the strength and stability of our underlying portfolio of specialized assets and our proactive asset management strategies.” “As we continue to deliver good returns for our unitholders, we will also focus on growing our portfolio through yield accretive acquisitions.”

Mr. Alvin Cheng, CEO

1.541 cents SGD (1Q 2017)

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Sabana Reit Financial Results Ending 31 Mar 2017

Sabana Real Estate Investment Management Pte. Ltd., the Manager of Sabana Shari’ah Compliant Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust (“Sabana REIT” or the “Trust”), today announced a distributable income of approximately S$9.3 million in 1Q 2017. This translates to DPU of 0.88 cents, based on 1,053,083,530 units issued as at 31 March 2017.

0.88 cents SGD (1Q 2017)

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Frasers L&I Financial Results Ending 31 Mar 2017

“We are heartened that FLT has achieved results ahead of Forecast for the third consecutive financial period. This was made possible on the back of interest cost savings, proactive leasing activities and the acquisition of the three call option properties in late 2016.”

Mr. Robert Wallace, Chief Executive Officer

1.75 cents SGD (quarter ending 31 Mar 2017)

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OUE Com Reit Financial Results Ending 31 Mar 2017

“Against a backdrop of subdued macroeconomic and office market conditions, we are pleased to announce a commendable set of results. OUE C-REIT achieved an amount available for distribution of S$16.6 million and DPU of 1.23 cents in 1Q 2017, due to resilient operational performance of the properties in its portfolio. Steady revenue and net property income growth was driven by higher occupancy at OUE Bayfront and One Raffles Place, as well as continued rental growth at Lippo Plaza.”

Ms Tan Shu Lin, Chief Executive Officer

1.23 cents SGD (1Q 2017)

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Lippo Malls Tr Financial Results Ending 31 Mar 2017

“I am heartened that the Trust has been delivering increasing quarterly DPU for the last two years, underpinned by our focused efforts in yield-accretive acquisitions, better cost management and positive rental reversions. Going forward, we will continue to expand our assets, especially from the growing pipeline of quality retail malls from our sponsor, PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk, as well as explore asset enhancement initiatives to optimise the value of our existing malls.”

Ms Chan Lie Leng, Chief Executive Officer

0.89 cents SGD (1Q 2017)

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OUE H-Trust Financial Results Ending 31 Mar 2017

“OUE H-Trust has done well in 1Q2017 achieving 18.2% higher DPS compared to 1Q2016. This is attributable to the increased contribution from the 563-room enlarged CPCA and higher occupancy at Mandarin Gallery. The operating environment is expected to remain challenging, and OUE H-Trust will continue to focus on active asset management to optimise the performance of its assets.”

Mr. Christopher Williams, Chairman

1.3 cents SGD (1Q 2017)

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