REITs Symposium 2019 – Over 30 REITs + Mystery Gift + Lucky Draw!

Check out over 30 REITs in one day! Sat 18 May…

  • Full house in 2017 and 2018. The annual REITs event not to be missed.
  • More than 75% SREITs will be present at REITs Symposium 2019
  • Face time with the REITs managers 2 way communication during panel discussions – attendees can post their questions online
  • Sat 18 May 2019, 9a to 5p, MBS Level 4
  • Lucky draw for all!
  • Mystery gift worth S$25 for first 30 sign-ups!*
  • Read on…

Up close and personal with these REITs…

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Interesting presentations for beginners

  • Aside from a main stage, this year we will feature a “side stage” focused on REITs 101 – educating beginner investors to kick start investing in this asset class such as how to evaluate the metrics of a REIT


Insightful panel discussions

  • Panel Discussion #1: REITs: Still a Viable Investment?
  • Panel Discussion #2: Insights to Best Performing Singapore REITs



Get Mystery Gift worth S$25 for 1st 30 sign-ups!


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