CapitaCom Trust Financial Results Ending 31 Mar 2017

“The timely acquisition of the remaining 60.0% interest in CapitaGreen, our award-winning, premium Grade A office building in the heart of Singapore’s financial district, has significantly contributed to CCT’s robust performance this quarter. It was a notable 9.6% increase in CCT’s distribution per unit year-on- year. Notwithstanding challenging macroeconomic and office market conditions, CCT’s committed occupancy rate of 97.8% as at end March 2017 remains high and well above the market occupancy rate of 95.6%. About 80% of the Trust’s borrowings are pegged at fixed rates, which offer greater certainty of interest expense in a rising interest rate environment.”

Ms Lynette Leong, Chief Executive Officer of the Manager

  • 2.40 cents (1Q FY17)

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First REIT Financial Results Ending 31 Mar 2017

“The 1.4% growth in 1Q DPU was achieved on the back of the full quarter’s rental income contribution from Siloam Hospitals Labuan Bajo (“SHLB”), which was acquired in December 2016. This is our 11th consecutive quarter of DPU growth since 2Q 2014, a testament of our well-tested strategy of acquiring yield-accretive assets. In FY 2017, we will continue to reinforce this strategy to maximise returns to our Unitholders,”

Dr Ronnie Tan, Bowsprit’s Chief Executive Officer.

  • 2.14 cents (1Q FY17)
  • 21 Apr 2017 (Ex-date). 26 May 2017 (Payment date)

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SoilbuildBizReit Financial Results Ending 31 Mar 2017

“We are pleased to deliver 1Q FY2017 DPU of 1.489 cents on the back of a full quarter’s revenue contribution from Bukit Batok Connection. The team has secured close to 160k sq ft of new leases and completed 100k sq ft of renewals and forward renewals in this quarter which improved the portfolio’s occupancy rate by 2.2% compared to previous quarter. With 12.6% of the portfolio NLA expiring in the rest of 2017, the key challenge remains to retain existing tenants and improve occupancy in the multi-tenanted buildings and 72 Loyang Way.”

Mr Roy Teo, CEO of the Manager

  • 1.489 cents (1Q FY17)
  • 19 Apr 2017 (Ex-date). 21 Apr 2017 (Record date). 18 May 2017 (Payment date)

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SPHREIT Financial Results Ending 28 Feb 2017

“SPH REIT has continued to deliver resilient financial and operating performance despite the prevailing economic headwinds and weak consumer sentiment. Working in close partnership with our tenants, both malls maintained its track record of 100% committed occupancy. We continue to curate a tenancy mix that will strengthen the positioning of each mall. Our tenants are the cornerstone of our business. Besides introducing new tenants to the malls, we proactively engage our tenants to rejuvenate their concepts and ambience of their stores. We strive to deliver stable and sustainable returns for Unitholders.”

Ms Susan Leng, CEO of SPH REIT Management Pte. Ltd.

  • 1.40 cents (2Q FY17, 1 Dec 2016 – 28 Feb 2017)
  • 17 Apr 2017 (Ex-date). 19 Apr 2017 (Record date). 22 May 2017 (Payment date)

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SPHREIT Financial Results Ending 30 Nov 2016

“We are pleased that SPH REIT has kept its growth momentum with steady distribution, 100% committed occupancy and positive rental reversion for both malls. The retail environment will remain challenging in 2017 amid modest economic growth and heightened uncertainties of the global environment. Our assets are well located with clear market positioning to serve us well in embracing the challenges ahead. We will continue to seek opportunities to create value and strengthen long-term sustainability of the properties.”

Ms Susan Leng, CEO of SPH REIT Management Pte. Ltd.

  • 1.34 cents (1Q FY17, 1 Sep 2016 – 30 Nov 2016)
  • 17 Jan 2017 (Ex-date). 19 Jan 2017 (Record date). 16 Feb 2017 (Payment date)

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