Two warning signs from SPHREIT Financial Results

On 11 Jan 2017, SPHREIT released it’s financial results ending 30 Nov 2017.

While SPH REIT noted the outlook for Singapore economy remains modest and international visitor arrivals and tourism receipts grown, we noted two warning signs from SPH REIT’s market outlook…

  1. The retail sales index (excluding motor vehicles) declined by 3.8% in Q1 2016, 3.7% in Q2 2016, and 4.2% in Q3 2016.
  2. Most of the trade segments registered decline in sales in Q3 2016, in particular, wearing apparel and footwear (4.2%), food and beverage (10.1%) and watches and jewellery (16.0%).

Singapore’s retail environment remains challenging, and may impact SPHREIT’s performance moving forward.

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Reference: SPHREIT Presentation Slides

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